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Europe Traffic Watch


The icy winds of Winter have come early as the global economy, which slowed rapidly over the Northern Summer, shows signs of entering a deep freeze. Airlines are already reporting dramatically slower traffic for Sep-08 and worse is set to come. [1010 words]

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  • Americas Traffic Watch
  • Asia Pacific Traffic Watch

Graphs and data:

  • European carriers' passenger numbers and growth on European routes: nine months to 30-Sep-08
  • North American carrier's domestic passenger capacity growth (% change year-on-year): Nine months ended 30-Sep-08
  • Asia Pacific selected carriers' passenger capacity and passenger capacity growth for the eight months ended 31-Aug-08
  • Airports' total cargo volume (tonnes) year-on-year growth: Jan-08 to Sep-08
  • Airlines' total cargo volume (tonnes) year-on-year growth: Jan-08 to Sep-08
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