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Europe Traffic Watch - Air Berlin fastest growing European airline; Ryanair the largest


So far in 2008 (eight months to Aug-08), Air Berlin is the fastest growing European LCC, followed by Norwegian Air Shuttle and Ryanair (Lufthansa also appeared to report strong growth during the period, although this was attributed to the inclusion of Swiss traffic in the period). [513 words]

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  • easyJet reports highest load factor in intra-European market; Ryanair and Monarch closely follow
  • easyJet and Monarch show largest load factor improvement; Norwegian, Vueling and SkyEurope slip the most
  • easyJet set to outsize Lufthansa; Ryanair and Air Berlin continue on passenger growth path

Graphs and data:

  • European carriers' passenger numbers and passenger numbers growth for the six months ended 31-Aug-08
  • Selected European airlines' load factors (%) and load factor growth (year-on-year % change): Aug-08
  • Select European airlines' passenger traffic (mill) and passenger growth (year-on-year % change): Aug-08
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