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Etihad Airways outlines targets for 2009


“Measured, considered and controlled”. This is how Etihad Airways CEO, James Hogan, has described the approach that the carrier will be taking towards its development in 2009, as the industry encounters storm condition. [1834 words]

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  • Middle East passenger traffic still trending down
  • Etihad could struggle to reach break-even target
  • Fleet growth
  • Terminal 3 coming on-stream
  • Workforce to increase by 1,000
  • Fuel hedging update
  • Continuing expansion of codesharing partnerships, talk of cooperation with Emirates

Graphs and data:

  • Etihad Airways annual passenger traffic (millions): 2004 to 2009F
  • Middle East and Industry RPK growth rates (Feb-08 to Feb-09)
  • AACO Arab World passenger traffic RPK growth rates (Feb-08 to Feb-09)
  • Etihad Airways' monthly aircraft delivery schedule: 2009
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