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ENAV announces new Flight Efficiency Plan


Italian airspace is amongst the most crowded and complex in Europe, with more than 2 million flights per annum and airspace boundaries with the Balkans to the East, Germany and France to the North and Malta and Africa to the West and South. ENAV, the Italian Air Navigation Services Provider (ANSP), is now attempting to simplify and increase the capacity of its airspace. In late Mar-2009 it outlined more the details of its Flight Efficiency Plan, initially launched in 2008, which is redrawing the map of its domestic and international flightpaths to optimise capacity and efficiency and reduce flight times. [726 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • En-route airspace design
  • Airspace use and network availability
  • Terminal and approach design
  • Airport operations and controllers

Graphs and data:

  • Italian Flight Information Regions
  • ENAV control layout
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