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Emirates: money to spend and places to go


Ten years ago, Emirates handled 5.7 million passengers with a fleet of 35 aircraft, making it roughly the same size as El Al or Hawaiian Airlines. Last year, the airline handled 25.9 million passengers, and finished the year with a fleet of 142, making it one of the largest international carriers in the world. The airline operates more than 100 routes to over 60 countries, touching every continent from Dubai. So far the carrier has doubled in size roughly every three and a half years. It aims to continue its “explosive growth” through the next decade, and will do so with more widebodies that any other carrier. [1835 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • (Extremely) profitable growth in 2009/2010
  • The push for more markets
  • Western Europe the biggest regional market
  • India the largest single country operation
  • Africa a growing target, as network power increases
  • Growth to continue unabated

Graphs and data:

  • Largest international airlines by international passenger traffic & RPKs
  • Emirates aircraft orders by year
  • Outstanding widebody orders by carrier
  • Emirates fleet & destination growth
  • Emirates net cash assets
  • B777 range chart from Dubai
  • Emirates seat capacity by region: Week commencing 22-Jul-2010
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