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Emirates: global economic crisis forces deployment A380 rethink


The A380 has only been with Emirates’ fleet for barely half a year, but the global economic downturn has now forced the carrier to adjust the deployment plan for its 489-seat superjumbo. Emirates has decided to pull the A380 from Dubai-New York JFK operations, (the launch route for the type with Emirates), due to a slowdown in passenger traffic, despite the city being a key market and notorious for capacity constraints, which the aircraft was supposed to combat. [1909 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • A380 reliability concerns
  • A380 pull-back indicative of shifting traffic patterns
  • Toronto A380 service not enough: Emirates pushes for more capacity into Canada
  • Drawdown in China, but strong on India
  • Cargo unit to maintain double digit growth
  • Pushing Dubai as a tourist destination to counter downturn
  • Preparing for the best, hoping for the worst?

Graphs and data:

  • Emirates A380 tentative delivery schedule
  • Emirates Airbus orders
  • A380 seating layouts: Competing carriers
  • Worldwide airline industry RPKs and FTKs: Aug-2007 to Jan-2009
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