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Double-digit PRASM performance for United, Southwest, US Airways & Continental; outlook improving


United, Southwest, US Airways and Continental all reported double-digit unit revenue growth in Jun-2010, suggesting the recovery is well and truly established in the US. The month was also characterised by strong load factors, continued careful capacity management and improved demand. [2326 words]

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  • Tenth consecutive month of PRASM growth for Southwest; seeing strong passenger and revenue growth in Jun-Jul-2010
  • Improving yields part of the Allegiant story
  • AirTran seeing “accelerating” revenue trends
  • United Airlines reports largest PRASM improvement in over two years; PRASM up compared to Jun-2008 levels
  • Continental Airlines’ yields improve – fifth consecutive month of positive yield developments
  • US Airways encouraged by improved revenue and profitability outlook
  • Delta sees unit revenue momentum in 2Q2010
  • ATA reports “encouraging” double digit passenger revenue improvements in May-2010
  • US network carriers’ occupancy levels higher than their LCC counterparts
  • Improved outlook for 2010

Graphs and data:

  • US airline unit revenue highlights: Jun-2010
  • US airline unit revenue highlights: 1Q2010
  • Southwest PRASM year-on-year increase: Jan-2009 to Jun-2010
  • Cost per passenger vs stage length among US LCC segment
  • AirTran Airways and ATA unit revenue trends
  • Non-fuel unit costs among select US carriers
  • United Airlines PRASM growth (%): Jan-2008 to Jun-2010
  • United Airlines consolidated PRASM developments: 1Q2008 to 4Q2009
  • Continental Airlines consolidated PRASM (US cents per ASM): Feb-2008 to Jun-2010
  • Continental Airlines’ consolidated PRASM growth (two year range): Feb-2009 to Jun-2010
  • US Airways’ RASM and PRASM growth (%): Jan-2009 to Jun-2010
  • Delta Air Lines passenger unit revenue: Jun-2009 to Jun-2010F
  • Delta Air Lines Corporate Revenue Trends: May-2009 to May-2010
  • ATA yield growth: Mar-2008 to May-2010
  • ATA yield: 12 months moving average
  • Select US airlines domestic traffic highlights: Jun-2010
  • Select US airlines domestic traffic highlights: 2Q2010
  • Select US airlines domestic traffic highlights: 2H2010
  • Select US airline load factor (%) and load factor growth (ppts): Jun-2010
  • North American carriers’ domestic passenger capacity growth (% change year-on-year): Jun-2010
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