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Do recent British government about-turns suggest that the sale of BAA’s airports may be postponed?


The British (Labour) government has gone into 'survival mode' as much as have the world’s airlines during the first week of Jul-2009 as it tries to placate as many people as possible, and the trade unions, by scrapping unpopular projects. Lagging well behind in the polls, written-off in the media and with a general election required to be held on or before May-10 it is taking desperate measures to get itself re-elected, even so far as to refuse to say what its spending plans are for 2010. [1072 words]

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  • ID scheme scrapped at Manchester and London City airports
  • Threat of MP’s ‘backbench rebellion’ influences Royal Mail sale
  • East coast rail line nationalised
  • Sword of Damocles
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