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Bulgaria seeks airport investors in flurry of lease offers


In a sudden flurry of activity, airports in the northern and central areas of Bulgaria, and now the capital Sofia, are being made available for lease concession. While Sofia Airport has its attractive features, the others may fail to generate much interest. [1443 words]

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  • Concern about lack of appeal of inland airports
  • Ski Plovdiv
  • Unknown French firm eyes Ruse
  • Airports part of a package that includes ports and rail stations
  • Value for money?
  • Bulgaria still in the EU dock

Graphs and data:

  • Sofia Airport capacity (seats per week, to/from) by carrier (04-Apr-2011 to 10-Apr-2011)
  • Sofia Airport international vs. domestic capacity share (04-Apr-2011 to 10-Apr-2011)
  • Sofia Airport international capacity by region (04-Apr-2011 to 10-Apr-2011)
  • Sofia Airport capacity share by carrier type (04-Apr-2011 to 10-Apr-2011)
  • Sofia Airport capacity share by alliance (04-Apr-2011 to 10-Apr-2011)
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