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Bulgaria and Romania sign MoU for establishment of DANUBE FAB; covers 9% of EU overfly traffic


Bulgaria’s BULATS and Romania’s ROMATSA – the national Air Navigation Services Providers of the respective countries – on 10-Aug-2010 signed an MoU on cooperation in air navigation services and for the establishment of a functional airspace block DANUBE FAB. [2054 words]

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  • Project involves gradual harmonisation
  • 9% of air traffic in EU overflies Bulgaria and Romania
  • Nine FAB projects being implemented in the EU
  • Current ATM system in Europe results in inefficiencies of EUR1bn p/a
  • Expected growth in Romanian and Bulgaria in 2010 and 2011
  • ROMANIA: Romatsa continues consolidation of Romania's ATM
  • BULATSA: Romatsa continues consolidation of Romania's ATM
  • Signature comes amid growing air traffic demand

Graphs and data:

  • DANUBE FAB Project
  • Stages in the development of the DANUBE FAB Project 
  • History of FAB project
  • FAB initiatives
  • FAB project in the EU
  • EUROCONTROL: Growth of IFR movements in 2010
  • EUROCONTROL Forecast for 2011
  • ROMATSA air traffic development: 1997 to 2009
  • Air traffic movements at Burgas, Gorna Oriahovitza, Plovdiv, Sofia and Varna Airports: Jan-2009 to Dec-2009
  • BULATSA Organisational Structure
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