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Berlin Brandenburg opening draws closer but faces competition from neighbouring airports


After what sems like an eternity, the opening of Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (BBI) is at last in sight. The airport, built around the existing Schoenefeld Airport, is scheduled to open in Jun-2012 (originally Nov-2011, then Oct-2012) and will effectively replace Schoenefeld, which has been expanded, permitting Tegel Airport to be closed in addition to Templehof Airport, which was decommissioned in Oct-2008. [3458 words]

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  • Lack of a centralised airport inappropriate to a capital city
  • Armin the ant digs for victory
  • Passenger traffic has been growing steadily
  • Second largest German airport
  • 20,000sqm of retail/FBO space, airport city and a business park
  • German passenger tax could influence traffic development
  • BBI won’t have it all its own way
  • A Magdeburg-Neuhardenberg pincer movement
  • Cargo alternatives to Berlin and have been tried before

Graphs and data:

  • BBI/Schoenefeld airport.
  • Chart: Berlin airports ownership 2011 
  • Neuhardenberg Airport.
  • Location of Magdeburg and Neuhardenberg airports in relation to Berlin.
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