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Australia’s major airports post encouraging results – but Melbourne takes the cake


The geographic and demographic realities of Australia dictate that the majority of the country’s aviation activity is concentrated on the three major centres: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The domestic route network between them has also experienced strong growth. But among these major gateways, some are certainly growing faster than others. [1478 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Sydney: monthly records
  • Melbourne: outperforming peers
  • Brisbane: domestic traffic drives growth
  • The 'J-curve': Australia’s densest routes 

Graphs and data:

  • Sydney Airport 2010 passenger traffic and growth
  • Melbourne Airport 2010 passenger traffic and growth
  • Brisbane Airport 2010 passenger traffic and growth
  • Domestic trunk routes pax traffic (in millions), year end Nov-09 and Nov-2010 pax traffic (in millions)
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