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Ryanair: Another massive fleet order on the horizon?


Ryanair confirmed it is in preliminary discussions with Airbus and Boeing, as part of the carrier’s “mid-term growth” strategy. The likely size of the purchase would be 200 firm orders and options for an additional 200 aircraft, with the order to be placed within the next two years for delivery between 2013 and 2016. [4858 words]

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  • Growth continues in Feb-2009; traffic and load factors remain strong
  • Success with the unions - pilots agree to 12-month pay freeze
  • Expansion at Brussels and Munich
  • ... but cutbacks at Dublin and Liverpool
  • Winning the battles with the airports....this month
  • Quotes on the break-up of BAA
  • ...but Ryanair rants continue
  • To move to 100% web check-in, as part of stringent cost-cutting measures
  • More pain for Ryanair from Aer Lingus misadventure
  • Launches Europe's first Inflight mobile phone service
  • Push to boost ancillary revenues continues

Graphs and data:

  • Worldwide aircraft deliveries vs traffic growth (TKPs): 1980 to 2008
  • Evolution of Ryanair's fleet forecast (4Q08 to 3Q09 forecasts): FY07 to FY12F
  • Ryanair traffic highlights for Jan-09
  • Ryanair, easyJet and British Airways passenger traffic growth (% change): Mar-2008 to Feb-2009
  • European Airlines passenger load factors (%): Jan-05 to Dec-08
  • Brussels South Charleroi Airport capacity (seats) share
  • Ryanair cutbacks at Dublin International Airport for Summer 2009: Phase I
  • Dublin Airport capacity (seats) share
  • Ryanair cutbacks at Dublin International Airport for Summer 2009: Phase II
  • Ryanair's 30 largest bases (seats)
  • Liverpool Airport capacity (seats) share
  • Ryanair cutbacks at Liverpool Airport for Summer 2009
  • Ryanair's airport & handling charges as a percentage of total operating expenses: 1Q05 to 1Q09
  • Ryanair's Rants: Feb/Mar-2009
  • Ryanair ancillary revenue as a portion of total revenue: 1Q05 to 3Q09
  • Ryanair's new ancillary revenue suggestions!
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