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Airport financial results suggest the ‘action’ is still Down Under


MAp Group (formerly Macquarie Airports), Australian Infrastructure Fund (AIX) and New Zealand's Auckland Airport have all recently released financial highlights for the year or six months ending 31-Dec-2009. Collectively, they offer a snapshot of the trading environment in Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America and the comparative prospects of these regions. It is clear that Australasia continues to offer a better investment option presently. [2223 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • AIX indirect European airport investments comparatively stunted
  • Auckland’s renowned EBITDA margin shows remarkable staying power

Graphs and data:

  • MAp highlights for 12 months ended 31-Dec-2009 (all financial figures USD million)
  • Chart 1: Sydney Airport, Copenhagen Airport and Brussels Airport: Traffic growth, revenue growth and EBITDA growth in FY2009
  • Chart 2: Sydney Airport, Copenhagen Airport and Brussels Airport: Traffic growth in 4Q2009
  • AIX financial/traffic highlights for six months ended 31-Dec-2009 (all financial amounts USD million)
  • Auckland International Airport Ltd financial highlights: Six months ended 31-Dec-2010 (all financial figures USD million)
  • Chart 3: Auckland Airport EBITDA margin and profit after tax margin: 2005 to 1HFY2010
  • Chart 4: Auckland Airport revenue growth and passenger number growth: 2005 to 1HFY2010
  • Chart 5: Auckland Airport revenue per passenger: 2004 to 1HFY2010
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