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Airline premium revenues still 30% down in Dec-2009, despite better average fares


The airline premium market remained seriously depressed in Dec-2009, with average premium fares 20% below where they were in early 2008. And, because the number of premium travellers was also down by 20%, this translated to a revenue reduction of 30% from this sector of the market. These figures, published in “IATA’s November-December 2009 Financial Monitor”, offer sobering reading for those anticipating a rapid upturn in high end and business travel. [1126 words]

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  • Load factors improved, helping push fares up
  • Capacity discipline helped
  • More capacity in 2010 – “coming ready or not”
  • Profitability depends on maintaining the fragile demand-supply balance
  • But positive freight signs suggest some recovery resilience
  • Meanwhile, LCCs and fuel prices continue to challenge
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