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AirAsia X becomes first LCC to offer low-cost flatbed seats, as expansion rolls on


AirAsia X has become the first LCC to offer flatbed seats on its long-haul route network, with the low-cost long-haul carrier claiming that its product "combines the comfort of premium travel with the affordability of no-frills flying". The new Premium FlatBed and economy class seating product was installed this month on its A340 aircraft operating on the Kuala Lumpur-London sector, ahead of a fleet-wide roll out. [2084 words]

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  • To have highest-density configuration on both A340 and A330 equipment in the region
  • Refurbishment process to be competed by Jul-2011
  • Fares at a fraction of network carriers’ premium product; but missing some of the frills
  • How it compares
  • IPO on the agenda for 2011; to become standalone airline
  • Network news

Graphs and data:

  • AirAsia X premium product
  • Asia Pacific carriers’ A340 seating configurations: Jun-2010
  • Asia Pacific carriers’ A330 seating totals: Jun-2010
  • AirAsia X current in service and on order aircraft: Jun-2010
  • AirAsia X Premium product
  • Asia Pacific carriers’ A340 configurations
  • AirAsia X future aircraft deliveries: 2010 to 2018
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