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AirAsia feels the economic pinch, defers eight aircraft


AirAsia is to defer delivery of eight A320 aircraft, scheduled to join the fleet during 2010, and may do the same for a further eight aircraft in 2011. Group CEO, Tony Fernandes, said, “we are negotiating with Airbus to push the orders to the back end. Our focus next year is to consolidate our aircraft type to all A320s and return the 13 B737s leased from GE Commercial Aviation Services (GECAS).” [1563 words]

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  • Aircraft deferments will decrease debt pressures, the profit picture may not be so rosy
  • Shareholder ratification for financial assistance to Thai AirAsia and Indonesia AirAsia sought
  • Bullish growth has not been put on hold
  • Network coordination means Singapore is a “virtual” AirAsia Group hub
  • Not just passengers – but parcels as well!
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