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A unified front calling for ATM reform in the US


Lobbying efforts to accelerate the adoption of the US Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) ‘NextGen’ ATM restructuring plan have taken on a new urgency, ahead of the inauguration of President-elect Barak Obama, on 20-Jan-09. The incoming administration has proposed USD775 billion in stimulus aid for the flagging US economy. A coalition of nine US aviation trade groups have formed to ensure that aviation gets receives a USD4 billion slice of the package, most of it directed specifically at the adoption of new ATM technology. [2107 words]

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  • FAA rates itself highly in fourth quarter scorecard, others uncionvinced
  • NATCA on the attack, again
  • Controller consolidation decisions delayed
  • Appropriations bill to be decided in 2009

Graphs and data:

  • Alaska Accidents rate
  • US Federal Aviation Administration FY08 performance scorecard
  • National Weather Service weather service units
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