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A tale of two French airports: Brive and Bordeaux


Two new French airport facilities opened within 150 km of each other in Jun-2010, and although they essentially target much the same sort of customer, the airports concerned, Bordeaux and Brive, are going about it in quite different ways. Bordeaux is putting its hopes on a new low cost terminal named ‘Billi’ while Brive, an entirely new airport (a rare phenomenon in Europe and overlooked by much of the continental media), looks towards regional services to help establish it, at least in the first instance. In the background there is the nagging question – are there too may airports in this thinly populated part of France? [2450 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Here comes the train (again)
  • Not so Billi doux
  • Home from home
  • Brive calling the Outer World
  • Vive les Anglais!
  • A surfeit of airports?
  • Both airports could have some attraction to investors
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