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5,000th Airbus aircraft delivered to Qantas


Airbus celebrated the delivery of its 5,000th aircraft, an A330-200, to Qantas on 13-Dec-07.

Thirty-three years ago, in May-74, Airbus delivered its very first aircraft, an A300B2, to its first operator, Air France. Nineteen years later, in 1993, Airbus delivered its first 1,000th aircraft, and it took it another six years to reach the 2000th in 1999. Reflecting its subsequent rapid growth with an expanded aircraft family and more products on offer, the 3,000th Airbus aircraft was delivered in 2002, and only three years later, in Sep-05, the 4,000th. It needed only another two years to reach this 5,000th delivery milestone. [412 words]

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