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CAPA Membership/Subscriptions Terms & Conditions

  1. Access to Website & Distribution of publications
    1. Access to the CAPA - Centre for Aviation Membership service only applies to full time permanent employees of the named Member company i.e. access is not permitted to contractors, agents, part-time employees, subsidiary companies or companies with a name varying from the named Member company.
    2. CAPA publications and online resources are not to be forwarded or otherwise provided to third parties without prior written approval.
    3. Publications may not be placed on the Member Company’s corporate Intranet, unless prior approval in writing is obtained from CAPA.
    4. Membership access is limited to a defined list of users and their e-mail addresses. No other person may be given access or share Member login details.
    5. If an employee on the defined list ceases to be employed by the Member company, their usage should be terminated immediately and CAPA notified appropriately.
    6. CAPA tracks usage and reserves the right to terminate a subscription giving 7 days’ notice for misuse of the subscription by allowing access to non-registered users.
    7. Users may be changed if they change their role, provided CAPA is notified immediately of the new user details.
    8. Access to the website and distribution of news alerts and publications will commence within 2 working days of the payment for membership being received by CAPA.
    9. CAPA publications may only be sent to corporate email addresses.
    10. If payment for renewal of a Membership or subscription is not received by the expiry date, CAPA reserves the right to suspend access to the website and distribution of news/ publications and online resources.
    11. CAPA reserves the right to suspend publications for periods of office holidays or for other circumstances beyond the control of CAPA.
  2. Copyright
    1. All CAPA materials, in whatever form, are copyright. We ask that these terms be respected , as all materials are provided on trust and in electronic form.
    2. CAPA Members must gain written approval from CAPA for reproduction of CAPA materials or data in any form whatsoever expect where limited extracts are distributed within the Member company. Member companies may further incorporate limited portions, extracts or summaries thereof into presentations and other material to their clients so long as CAPA is clearly identified as a source of information.
    3. CAPA materials or data may not be used or referenced in connection with any financial transaction involving the Member company.
  3. Charges and Refunds
    1. All CAPA subscriptions and Membership packages are valid for one year, unless agreed otherwise in writing.
    2. From time to time CAPA may add new services to its product listing. In some cases these new services may be included for the duration of the existing subscription, or an additional charge may be added. In the latter case, the member has complete discretion whether or not to subscribe to the new services.
    3. CAPA reserves the right to amend basic subscription rates at any time. Any such change will not apply until the member company’s subscription is renewed.
    4. All CAPA subscriptions and Membership packages are non-refundable.