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US airlines collected USD800m in baggage fees and USD685m in reservation change fees in 1Q2013

28-Jun-2013 1:49 PM

US Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported (27-Jun-2013) US airlines collected USD800 million in baggage fees and USD685 million in reservation change fees in the first three months of 2013. Details include:

  • Baggage fees: USD800 million;
    • Delta: USD192 million;
    • United Airlines: USD143.3 million;
    • US Airways: USD130.5 million;
    • American Airlines: USD123.1 million;
    • Spirit Airlines: USD47.7 million;
    • Southwest: USD42.7 million;
    • Allegiant Air: USD33.6 million;
    • Alaska Air: USD20.7 million;
    • JetBlue: USD17.9 million;
    • Hawaiian Airlines: USD16.6 million;
    • Frontier: USD14.2 million;
    • Virgin America: USD12.2 million;
    • Sun Country: USD4.9 million;
    • Mesa: USD1.0 million;
    • American Eagle: USD398,000;
  • Reservation change fees: USD685 million;
    • Delta: USD198.6 million;
    • United: USD177.0 million;
    • America: USD132.1 million;
    • US Airways: USD83.6 million;
    • JetBlue: USD36.7 million;
    • Alaska: USD21.8 million;
    • Southwest: USD9.3 million;
    • Spirit: USD8.0 million;
    • Virgin America: USD7.7 million;
    • Hawaiian: USD4.7 million;
    • Frontier: USD3.0 million;
    • Allegiant: USD2.3 million;
    • Sun Country: USD466,000. [more - original PR]