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Airbus and Saab group make ATM acquisitions in the US

17th August, 2011

The US Federal Aviation Administration is set to invest more than USD2.5 billion in the development of the US air traffic management system over the next two years alone. Such investment is attracting interest from European aerospace companies that are increasingly eager to break into the market via acquisitions. This week, Airbus has announced the acquisition of Metron Aviation – a supplier of air traffic flow management solutions and ATM research - while Saab Group has closed the acquisition of Sensis – a supplier of a broad range of surveillance solutions covering commercial and military air traffic control, air defence, airline and airport operations management, and data integration and distribution. [1013 words]

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This report contains the following subheadings:

  • Airbus acquires Metron
  • Saab finalises acquisition of Sensis Corp
  • More acquisitions to come