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Lufthansa's 2Q profit falls on weaker revenues

1-Aug-2014 7:44 PM

After reporting 1Q results that were modestly better than last year before one-off costs, Lufthansa Group's 2Q2014 results show a deterioration in its underlying profits. Weaker revenues, especially in Asia Pacific and on the North Atlantic and in the cargo segment, and the effect of strikes and the Venezuelan currency devaluation weighed on the 2Q figures.

These factors were flagged by the company last month when it lowered its 2014 and 2015 operating profit targets and the reduced targets are unchanged. The group has reiterated its previous unit cost reduction target and so the lower profit outlook is entirely due to the revenue environment.

Southwest Airlines has clear sights on its ROIC targets after a strong 2Q2014 performance

1-Aug-2014 12:00 AM

Aer Lingus restores 2014 target after strong 2Q as departing CEO focuses on labour relations legacy

31-Jul-2014 7:00 PM

CAPA Australia Pacific Aviation Summit: 600 registered attendees, 40 airlines, 100 corporate buyers

31-Jul-2014 4:39 PM

Singapore Airlines SWOT: challenges continue as competition intensifies as shown by 1QFY2015 results

31-Jul-2014 3:15 PM

Airport investors forsake secondary airport transactions: Part 2

30-Jul-2014 4:00 PM

Jetstar Pacific & VietJet Air pursue more rapid international expansion with Singapore & Seoul

30-Jul-2014 3:00 PM

What Makes the Ideal Airline CEO?

Do CAPA's World Aviation Summit delegates agree with the experts?

At CAPA’s World Aviation Summit in Amsterdam in Nov-2013, delegates were asked what they considered to be the key characteristics that an airline CEO should possess. Included in the responses were words such as vision, decision-maker, innovative, charismatic, leadership, communications, focus, passion, adaptability, discipline, entrepreneur. Delegates were also asked to nominate who they considered to be the best airline CEO ever.

In the fiercely competitive airline market place, the airline CEO needs an almost impossibly broad range of skills. Is it reasonable to expect to find all these qualities in one person? How important are the other executives and the board of directors to a CEO? A panel session at the Summit, led by CAPA Executive Chairman Peter Harbison, discussed these and a range of other issues that touch on what makes the ideal airline CEO. Who were the panellists’ nominations for best airline CEO and did Summit delegates share their views?

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